Interfaculty Research Cooperation - Decoding Sleep

Titleimage: Interfaculty Research Cooperation -  Decoding Sleep

The Interfaculty Research Cooperation, “Decoding Sleep: From Neurons to Health & Mind”, is an interdisciplinary project funded by the University of Bern, which started on the 1st of March 2018. It is comprised of 13 research groups from the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Human Sciences and bridges several domains including Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry and Computer Science.

The project aims to gain new and in-depth understanding of the function and regulation of sleep-wake-rhythms and to develop strategies for early and personalized therapies of sleep-wake and neuropsychiatric disorders.


IRC Lecture

The first IRC Lecture was very well attended. Prof. Paolo Favaro gave an introduction to Computational Models for Temporal Data.

12.04.19 IRC LECTURE

IRC Lab Tour at the Institute of Psychology

The groups of Prof. Henke and Prof. Mast gave us a tour through their institute and explained about the sleep-EEG lab, subliminal experiments, the VR facilities and experiments on vestibular stimulation. It was very interesting.

The next IRC Lab Tour will take place on September, 10 at the UPD.

08.04.19 IRC LAB TOURS

Kinderuniversität on the topic of sleep

Prof. Thomas König and Dr. Leila Tarokh participated at the Kinderuniversität Bern. They gave a lecture and organized an interactive program on the topic of sleep. Among others they informed about different aspects of sleep, showed how an EEG measurement works and discussed and answered the different questions of the kids.


IRC Decoding Sleep Symposium 2018

The exchange with our IRC Advisory Board was officially launched during the IRC Decoding Sleep Symposium on October, 17. The conference - including two fantastic key note lectures and promising contributions of young scientistis - was of great success.

Next year's Symposium will take place on December 4, 2019.



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