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Unipress Schlafen fürs Gehirn

The Unipress #176 focuses on the topic of Sleep and includes several contributions of the IRC "Decoding Sleep".


Learning new vocabulary during deep sleep

Katharina Henke, Marc Züst and Simon Ruch of the IRC "Decoding Sleep", showed that we can acquire the vocabulary of a new language during distinct phases of slow-wave sleep and that the sleep-learned vocabulary could be retrieved unconsciously following waking. Memory formation appeared to be mediated by the same brain structures that also mediate wake vocabulary learning.


Learning during Sleep

Is learning during sleep possible? Simon Ruch in interview on Radio RaBe (in Swiss German).


Research Cooperation: Decoding Sleep

Die Forschungskooperation "Decoding Sleep: From Neurons to Health & Mind" will die Mechanismen von Schlaf, Bewusstsein und Kognition und deren Bedeutung für die Gesundheit, aber auch für die Gehirnfunktionen und die körperliche Leistung besser verstehen.


A single control center for sleep and wake in the brain

Until now, it was thought that multiple brain areas were needed to control sleep and wakefulness. Neuroscientists from Bern have now identified one single control center for the sleep-wake cycle in the brain. The findings are of great importance for finding new sleep therapies.

2018/05/08 Interview with C. Gutierrez

IRC Decoding Sleep PI Carolina Gutierrez Herrera talks about her sleep research on


Article in Unilink

The University of Bern is stregthening interdisciplinarity and excellence in scientific research through the recently launched Interfaculty Research Cooperations.


Uniaktuell Interview - Decoding Sleep

What happens while we sleep and what can we do if our sleep-wake rhythm is disrupted? Claudio Bassetti and Fred Mast, the coordinators of the new Interfaculty Research Cooperation (IRC) "Decoding Sleep", want to find out. "uniaktuell" spoke to the Professor of Neurology and the Professor of General Psychology.


University of Bern enhances research across disciplines

Research at the University of Bern is being intensified: Networking projects from different subject areas are being supported with three new Interfaculty Research Cooperations IRC. The projects deal with the health of environment, animals and humans, with religious conflicts and with sleep.